Heaven Sent Still A Mess

Okay, we’re stressing, dodging hard questions. Challenges, my determination can’t mess with. Perfect the way I am, still reason to change appear, relentless. Slip, dodge, ignore, I’m on the defensive. To change is to admit an error in my way. Accept and take responsibility for pain. Grow through a walk of shame. my emotions are no animal to be tamed. Admit I’ve been a fool, trusted the wrong people, disrespected some of my equals. Just what exactly are you asking me to do. Lack luster proof, the personality we’ve built is just the beginning of what I’ll lose. Get it how I can, life got me running loose.
Okay, you definitely need to hear this. Undeniable is the feeling, through wins and lost, our strengths and weakness are revealed. No need to put yourself down. No one is born into greatness, you gotta make it. push further to get further. Put down the self-imposed weight. We gotta chase. A played in the game but, it’s thanks to the different ingredients the sauce has any taste. We can always get better. Only if you decide to not let potential go to waste.