Took It At Face Value

Crows feet. Lamb or sheep, balanced upon a crows beak. Earth’s resistance looking bleak. The ground will barely tell the difference. A serious game, don’t you miss this. 360 degree eyes, I’m equipped with. Literally see it coming, in the next second, my head, a bullet will split it. Just enough time to think about regretting. Passed, more like carved through. A hole can be apart of you too. Made it’s own way, the surrounding need not move. Blood flew loose. Died standing upright. Who would’ve knew.

Guess I’m Going This Way

What is one to do, when the issue is, you stay you. Stay true, pull through. The sun shine sticks to you like glue. The sky seldom blue, traveled to different ends of the island. New ocean view. The problem is there is no real issue. The issue is non-existent but, regardless you still feel the wind too. Where does it begin and end. Everywhere at once, yet no where at all. You can’t reach out and touch it. Sadly it only touches you. A relationship never grew. Start a fire. Make due. Truth be told I just might forever miss you.

Aching Hole In My Tooth

Hate it had to be this way. Dealt with it readily. The pressure always a second away from getting to me. Not for nothing, I run because the residual pain still shoots through me. Looked in the mirror like, who me ? Hard to know when my smile makes crooked, of straight teeth. Happiness thief, I love the new me. Finely tune instrument. So what’s the cause of this pilgrimage to edit the sound. Death’s per-requite. The softest utterance, can be the loudest pound. pain comes in a notes. Usually seen even before the first. 

Too Early In The Morning

Easily replaced, convenience in the face of those who laugh so their food can have taste. Separated at birth maybe, or better yet, when words come out concise at a steady pace. A personality so fragile, it must only be on display. For it to be touched it withers in place. A wrinkle in time and space. Fire to the memory a neurotic need takes place. Heat by dedication to a chase. Irons out, get one ready for whats about to be face. Molded or folded, regardless tomorrow comes to play.


Couple days, Couple Nights

A little hung up, quietly star stuck. The information is hard to face. Redirected really reflected, everything is left up to me again. Truthfully the facts came full circle but, even a coin looks like a straight line when standing on edge. A matter of perspective, it bounced back as soon as I sent it away. Ping pong games for days. No food, less sleep, closed my eyes and waited for the ball to cross the line. Best prepare myself, If I loose now, the score will be one and one, the game will be tied. Funny enough or sad, I never wanted to play, only needed to. Prerequisite for getting close to you. Realized after I gave up, tired of playing. Their was no real end. Once a match is done, the prize is you get to play again.

I’m starting to feel their is no you, this is all you do, no judgement. Roped me in with false promises filled of nothing, I stuck around hoping to be crowned king. My decree will be law. Let us Lay in each other arms fantasizing, about laying in each others arms.