Give Me One More Chance

Apple red, apple crisp. Forthright bite, juice flow down arm, sinfully licked. Lust for another, not yet finish with this. Orchard of pleasure spread thick. Trees splinter free, pain only possible on a genies wish. Ancient text misread, only in silence we speak of this. Rituals foretold, perform I’ll proper and bold. The dead turn over in their grave, some angry enough resurrect themselves in the new age. Old dogs may change but, only amnesia to the head will make them forget old ways.

Coffee Flavored Sugar Free Gum


Too good for you, a king.

Waking up a servant to desires. Brew my water. Temperatures reach higher. I better not burn myself.  A useful necessity, energy spike. In the morning, never stays throughout the day. I need it the most. Painful, it has to be this way.

Lost in the title. Even a bubble will forget where it came from. Floating up towards the clouds. The only life it knows, in the only way it knows how. Right before it pops, right before its sure that ascendance was it’s and it’s alone. Right before the feeling of…..

“Hoping I can stay like this forever”.

Second only to bliss. It will pop. It will pop and with it an an accompanying scream.

“What is going on” ?

Too self-aware of hopelessness to curse. A wish is made. Time move in reverse. Slowly put together the pieces radiating outwards. Pain staking glue the connection out of sight. A new bubble is reformed. What was once inspiring. Left the stage after it performed. No encore from this audience. More amused with the curtains.

“What’s going on” ?

5 different elements pulled together. To make this perfect. To be out done and made worthless by someone who didn’t even want to be here. Fell through the roof. Rather, rain on my parade. Nothing left to do, backing up, walk away. Cool off in the shade. Mind in a haze. What am I to do from today. Which started off peacefully. What goes around comes around got stuck somewhere on the way. In heat. Little problems on my mind seldom melt away. Catch fire when I magnify issues of yesterday and today.

“What’s going on” ?

Feeling, one with the shade. One with the shadow, following tracks. Glued to backs. Always around even when the sun is out. Complex to simple to nothing. No going back. Chewed bubble gum popped. Spat on the ground to be stepped in. Now someone else’s issue. Scraping it off. Ain’t hard, just a little tricky. Associate darkness with being sticky. Oozing out the walls. Aiming straight at my head.

“What’s going on” ?

Wrote this down, when I fell hard on my face. From high up. Seldom speak because, the walls, listen. Part of the conversation. Get Rid of them and the roof caves in. Vibrations bounce off and back into the microphone, sounding like light whispers everywhere. Catching feelings like a cold. What are you supposed to do when even the bitterness leaves you empty. This gum and this coffee got me, forever hungry.

“What’s going on with me” ?

Temptation is a tight fit. A solid fitting ring even. One night flings. Sweeping up broken dreams. Covering my ears in the night, though I hear the screams. Only person in the crowd not willing to give up a damn thing.

“What’s wrong with me… simple ain’t for you ”

it’s Most definitely for me.

Stress Free Clouds

   Challenge me to be different. The only way to pave the way. Hard to stay myself, around others, mesmerized by what makes us different. Funny how being yourself is the difference, subtracted by what makes us the same. How can I explain. I don’t like heights but, my friends do. Around them, higher than I feasible like to be. Although down below, at the bottom where I usually be. Never take my eyes off. Solid ground, every meter up, compounds the feeling. This isn’t really where we need to be. Funny how being up here gave me that clarity.

Like the fact that, up here they don’t worry about a thing. Ohh, what piece of mind that brings. Floating from cloud to cloud. one never quite like the other, in how they bring about the same feeling. Mental healing, all be it fleeting. I’ll be back to myself eventually. The heavy boots I wear, should have been a sign. All the homies rocking socks. Not down in the mud, hidden rocks. Reality is, that much easier to grasp. Never forget to look up and consider if need be, easily discard what makes me, me and be like everyone else. Clouds taste a tab bit bitter than cotton candy. Yet still, a bit too sweet.

Still trucking through the mud. Veins I didn’t know existed, appear as I persisted to move my feet. More to me than meets the eye. Like I always say. Never lose sight of who you want to be, by staying yourself. Walking contradiction you love to move forward but,with every step you complain your feet hurt. Funny to say, just like add muscle and veins. Really, just getting closer to the bottom of me. Pain is present because, I’m scared. Only now able to see. This will mean a lot. Laughter from the clouds a reminder. Whenever ready shed these dirty clothes, wash your hands to wash your face. No, not yet.

Need to accomplish what I set out to do in this space. Find and gather all the rocks, stack them up in one place. Confident once all are collected, the need to keeps boots on, neglect it. My kin is the one who will benefit. Struggle freely then climb the rocks to the clouds on your own.

Who would have thought. Distraction to be stress free clouds.

Ridiculously Health

Finna write, reluctant to do anything else with this might. Try as much as you like, when I wanna do something, purely out of spite. Fight against what’s not. Time is of the essence, don’t sit and do nothing, then shrug. Slightly disrespectful, how you say no, to everything under the sun. Fun with yourself, by yourself. Business as usually, occupy this space, much longer than it takes, actions taken, a moment scribed into history. On this day, at this time, in the location, I felt like this. No mistaking, I showed it.

Try prove me wrong. I live swell, my body as well. Doctors, sing the same continuous song, you’ll be fine if and with x,y,z. Make sense, I don’t have many life threatening things to worry about. Opposite of immediate, we stress the long-term. You feed off me before, I feed off of you. Quicker to react, you should practice as much as me. Spend time itching to do something. Whatever takes your mind off of time. Even better if you get antsy, unable to relax your spine. Through action, people shine the most, imagine an entire table giving a toast, while you stay sitting. Next to the standing host. Can already tell who you don’t fuck with the most. Yet here we are spending our time. Business as usually occupying the space. What feeling we duly chase.

Being alive. Must be more than occupying the space. Get intense, feel too much. Travel, write your history all over the world. Through the sky, on land and over water. So much unknown, to charter. Through good or bad, always stay you. Talk our shit, then take the safe route. Do what’s predictable through beginning to end. No need to imagine a good or bad ending. Won’t feel a thing, my friend. Time and actions, dull and mesh, won’t remember a thing my friend.

Just sorta, kinda did it. What else do you really need my friend. To know how to have fun, is to know how to relax. Take our mind off things. Tranquility brings, much need silence. My inner child started speaking again, been such a long time. I do nothing out of spite. Too many pros than cons to everything. Choose to think like that now, the other way around makes life much harsher. Some believe, that’s not important. I truly feel the little things in life are just as important. Sometimes known, when life gets tough, keeping in mind the little things, is less important.

When my body is deteriorating, I won’t be talking. Heck When I need to pee badly, purposely shoulder bump anyone in the way. Relaying the message, stay away. Can’t just say it, busy telling yourself just how not, close you are to pissing. Therefore I’m itching. Strong thoughts got us twitching. let’s make this moment even more memorable, what’s missing.