Truth Told Through A lie

Indulge my emotions and my needs, just to say leave me alone, I’m trying breathe. Given me nothing to complain about, that’s the dilemma. In this garden, pleasure is provided forever. Tweaked so specifically, no such thing as stormy weather. Sell your soul for treasures. Who cares about a piece of mind, lay here with the divine, all problems will be, fine. A home created with everything except you in mind. A bird in a cage still has the ability to fly. Horse on a chain can still run wild. Even if you’re unhappy a human face can still smile.

Look My Way, Already

Don’t pray for me. Just know, it’s not too late for me. Time moves in revere. Each new moment. It’s like history stole it. Should be happy but, face never shows it. I’ve been sick, took whatever I could from life to suppress it. Never would have guessed it, until I chose courage and flexed it. Stories from the past, won’t be told again. At least trapped here, I won’t grow old again. Sometimes, I wish I picked up a pen instead of a sword. The damage I had a hand in creating can’t be ignored.

Aching Hole In My Tooth

Hate it had to be this way. Dealt with it readily. The pressure always a second away from getting to me. Not for nothing, I run because the residual pain still shoots through me. Looked in the mirror like, who me ? Hard to know when my smile makes crooked, of straight teeth. Happiness thief, I love the new me. Finely tune instrument. So what’s the cause of this pilgrimage to edit the sound. Death’s per-requite. The softest utterance, can be the loudest pound. pain comes in a notes. Usually seen even before the first. 

Is Their Any Other Way

One line separated. Broken into two. Intersected perpendicular down the middle. Now, I’ve crossed you. Unable to play “disabled”, switching channels, call it cable. Hard to believe the old days are through. Once again may I dream about you. A me who was clueless and never knew. The struggle of hardships and the senseless pain, the will to live must endure through. I feel my blood thicken, reaction to anger quicken. Never feel that powerless again. A peace of mind, holding onto pain, will cost you.

Couple days, Couple Nights

A little hung up, quietly star stuck. The information is hard to face. Redirected really reflected, everything is left up to me again. Truthfully the facts came full circle but, even a coin looks like a straight line when standing on edge. A matter of perspective, it bounced back as soon as I sent it away. Ping pong games for days. No food, less sleep, closed my eyes and waited for the ball to cross the line. Best prepare myself, If I loose now, the score will be one and one, the game will be tied. Funny enough or sad, I never wanted to play, only needed to. Prerequisite for getting close to you. Realized after I gave up, tired of playing. Their was no real end. Once a match is done, the prize is you get to play again.

I’m starting to feel their is no you, this is all you do, no judgement. Roped me in with false promises filled of nothing, I stuck around hoping to be crowned king. My decree will be law. Let us Lay in each other arms fantasizing, about laying in each others arms.