That’s In The Way

Success Free

Laying the Ground work in a moment.

Remember a time you’ve been in a hurry. Waking up, changing clothes. Behind, door closed, Flag down a car, reach the city end. Caught the boat. Next stop coach, bus down the highway. Plugged in phone, charged 100%. Everything continue smoothly. Time go my way. Onward towards destination, we go. Any minute today.


I’m here, doing construction. The way still isn’t paved. Once you reach here. Force break, notice from me and my team. Still going to miss the plane flight. Take a seat seat, is a lot at stake ? The cement mix is doing fine. Coming along it’s way. Been at this for a while. Cement and I need, not stare at each other, we just hear, listen to what the other has too say.

” Mix me some more, Not quite ready to be paved with “

Like a stop sign preventing you from crossing the street. Made by design. Read the situation and weep. You simple ain’t coach busing across this street.


Second Pair Of Teeth in my Navel

Us versus them. We three are two high to be fighting down in the mud.

Lower you go, events turn trauma dig down and take root in your soul. Don’t believe in souls than If you wake up in the morning and say “Damn, where did the time go”. Chasing youth is how to define old. Looking back finding it hard to figure out, what you did or the facts. Dismissive action turn loose falling skin. Don’t matter, rich on the outside and or hideous within. This is where the second pair of teeth come in. Umbilical cord ripped off early, leaves mind and body weak, better know as pre-mature. Causal winds made weak bones squeak. Mother rushed out the hospital to work, bill to pay next week. Stomach growled for the love of a feast.

Started off in the negative, before I even had my actually set of teeth. Fend for myself ? Where is this power of which you speak. Some adults spend their whole life trying to make a 180 and put one point on the board before death speaks. Us versus them. Most people start off as one, basically against a whole species. Conflicts in history deep seeded. Human life mistreated, the morning will be different if last night you had trouble breathing. Found out my mother’s, mother went through the same troubles while teething. False dreams and hopes rejected. Harshness prerequisite of hostility. Life around us. Couldn’t believe it.

Well versed with death before age of four. Constantly struggle with how to get my weight up. Down for so long, my cloud nine was the embodiment of misery. They say a small bit of poison over time, will help get over the taste. Down that shit impatiently. Hungry to feel something other than pity for me. Satisfied with the lost of vision in my eyes, navigated the whole world differently. I don’t care if you see me, are you feeling me. Ever since then, been hungry for that feeling again. So I eat everything, second pair of teeth in my stomach, although it doesn’t talk. It’s my closest friend.

Two smiles. Body and Mind, perfect physique.


You, Me, ohh and Money

Ever walked into a packed room and saw people doing a whole lot of nothing. Simply taking up the atmosphere, it’s a fancy place. Never a waste, people live at their own pace. I just feel we are experts, turn nothing in something. Money the root of all evil. Turned something into nothing. I refused to see the magic of society, constantly focused to be upset, by how tangible people, places and things are treated. Substituted by the inherently meaningless. No complaints, meaning is formed by whoever is seeing it. Safe to say we all see eye to eye.

Get money to buy things. Why not other other way around. I don’t know, really just going after what we want indirectly. Artificial steps added to an already paved road. Thanks to technology life got easy, years ago. I just find it silly people still die from hunger. Just eat some food, way too much, left to rot. Fed back to the ground. Owned by somebody else, only allowed to stand with consent.

The amount of money spent to live like a Shih zu, rents due. Never thought I’ll be jealous of the cars in the dealer ship, a couple of next doors, down. At night the indoor garage is heated. Rightfully conceited, how dare something be more important than me. Almost forget to mention, a couple of food safety lessons. If the animals get sick, you shouldn’t eat it too. What’s the point in bringing it up now, I’m healthy as a horse. Never really had dreams of being one too.

Luxurious dreams that once seems like magic, now mundane, comes true. Money can change our perspective, force it onto reality. Beatification of the struggle and process. Old and broke becomes new. Time and investment a joke, say it with your chest lil punk. If I needed toilet paper, buy it from across the world, have it by tomorrow ? You guessed it. Never leave it up to the magician to tell their secrets. I don’t feel as special when you can do it too.

Not as mystical, smoke and mirrors seen. Fake this whole time, yet still treated like shit for being real. Paid for by, more tears than blood. The books you sold. No value they hold, In a single sentence. No plans to share with others. Everything about what you said, meant to be brought and sold. Pissed off, volumes one through ten, discarded them. Return my idols and hero’s , no longer do I see them on the shelf. Tv, billboards, soda cans and social media apps. I don’t like the word proxy, let’s call it a trap. Not even a shadow’s, shadow of your former self.

Painted the future me, on the bottom of my shoe So, the world can feel it too. Stuck between a rock and a hard place because I never moved. According to society, people like me, aren’t meant to be part of the magic crew. Too much smoke, it hurts when I breathe, to many mirrors, all the issues I’m faced with, look just like me. Did, the Chicken or egg come first. Too many theories and possibilities, no one cares what you believe. Glass have empty or full still judge for what you choose to believe.

Today’s society, expertly Ill conceived. Check the dichotomy, seeing is believing. Years before my grandparents were born, I’m diagnosed with asthma. Regularly struggling to breathe, too much to deal with. Not caring to see.

Rain and Wind Took out the Fire

The heat from the sun had nothing to do with this, fiery solely mines. I will not, not take credit. Walking around as the real gift to earth, my presence always had a effect on the surrounding. Unacknowledged I ran around with no one looking at me, I guessed my gift wasn’t special enough for attention. The heat turned up inside me, imagine melting the tension. It snowed for the entire day, taken care of by the morning, still unequipped to deal with the long-term snow storm. The time spent inside moping fuel for my fire, hours spent alone makes us want to burn brighter. Burned with the goal of disrespecting the sun in mind, not realizing how far it needs to keeps it’s distance, unwillingly ready to consume us all. Years spent in limbo, sun rays as communication, it wasn’t the conversation, finally getting through to me. A great time before, a line said, finally reaching where it needed to go. Deep inhales shake my core, oxygen forcefully taken out of me. Rain as tears taken in the same way. That being said, the fire in me had to go away. Wanting too, have at least control over myself, without the decency to, want to, realize I should start with myself. Deciding to control opinions, of me. In short, precised burst, lashing out against the same world I used to confine in, hiding, consumed by shadow. Being one step ahead of yourself, turns ill intention into intervention, finally we have a chance. You actually took a small break to come here, You’re without perfection, much more, then usually this hour of the day.

Calm and collected.  

A Surprise you Already Knew

via Daily Prompt: Astonish

As moments go by we loose sight of who we want to be, by staying ourselves.  Change is something I do to match everyone else. Providing a baseline form, of communicating our greatness is the only way, for it to be understood. Others just don’t know.

Ton of people will not only doubt you but, take up arms spreading rumors about you. I don’t remember the last time I was amazed by anything other then myself. Combating negativity left and right only barely effects me, Greatness throws my emotions into a frenzy. You are not better than me, don’t you dare believe that, taking the time and stooping to my level to explain it. Shameless how we both feel, something needs to be said.

Ish the front page cover, that is where my face needs too be. Shattered across the world, a sensation over night. I walk around the same neighbor, this time once insight, people drop my face, letting it fall to the ground with gravity’s might. We’ve come full circle. They stare at me, not who I think I need to be. No longer a surprise.