Aching Hole In My Tooth

Hate it had to be this way. Dealt with it readily. The pressure always a second away from getting to me. Not for nothing, I run because the residual pain still shoots through me. Looked in the mirror like, who me ? Hard to know when my smile makes crooked, of straight teeth. Happiness thief, I love the new me. Finely tune instrument. So what’s the cause of this pilgrimage to edit the sound. Death’s per-requite. The softest utterance, can be the loudest pound. pain comes in a notes. Usually seen even before the first. 

Help Me Find The Point

Found is a term used only be the other. This was placed here. Be it destiny or the doing of another. Nothing is by accident. Coincidence turn, turning point. Imagine a child born from the air itself. Unaware of a single care, this child’s only obligation is to itself. No two events happen quite like the other, in that sense being your own mother, whom do you blame, who do you look up to when enduring isn’t a cure. When your life is something you don’t want to live anymore.

Is Their Any Other Way

One line separated. Broken into two. Intersected perpendicular down the middle. Now, I’ve crossed you. Unable to play “disabled”, switching channels, call it cable. Hard to believe the old days are through. Once again may I dream about you. A me who was clueless and never knew. The struggle of hardships and the senseless pain, the will to live must endure through. I feel my blood thicken, reaction to anger quicken. Never feel that powerless again. A peace of mind, holding onto pain, will cost you.

Waking Up Tired Still

Why do I live, Why do I suffer.

Please wisdom let me choose a reason. Hitch my hopes onto this wild west horse, something to believe in. Kept the door close, didn’t let the breeze in, the dank smell in here ain’t leaving, oozing, nose squeezing. Precondition to lateness.

I’ll never catch the early bird worm. Vultures cry, circling over heights, ready to retrieve it. With dedication to steal like that, how can I beat it. Defeated, never out, clung to the ropes, bounce back into a right hook. Pain no joke. Suddenly the clouds opened up and the sun shine spoke.

Rise, Rise, Grow.
Two left jabs I throw. Right hook break or take off their nose. Last hit an upper cut. May they forever lay woke.

That’s In The Way

Success Free

Laying the Ground work in a moment.

Remember a time you’ve been in a hurry. Waking up, changing clothes. Behind, door closed, Flag down a car, reach the city end. Caught the boat. Next stop coach, bus down the highway. Plugged in phone, charged 100%. Everything continue smoothly. Time go my way. Onward towards destination, we go. Any minute today.


I’m here, doing construction. The way still isn’t paved. Once you reach here. Force break, notice from me and my team. Still going to miss the plane flight. Take a seat seat, is a lot at stake ? The cement mix is doing fine. Coming along it’s way. Been at this for a while. Cement and I need, not stare at each other, we just hear, listen to what the other has too say.

” Mix me some more, Not quite ready to be paved with “

Like a stop sign preventing you from crossing the street. Made by design. Read the situation and weep. You simple ain’t coach busing across this street.