Mind You I can’t Fly

What does it sound like to float.
Imagine skateboarding on a quiet afternoon. You only hear you.
Imagine singing in the shower. You only hear you.
Stethoscope to the heart. Beat one. Beat two.
Sometimes I forget. I exist too.
Just as much a part of the world, as everything else around me.
Stay quiet, listen soundly.
To the sounds of the world.
Feedback loop.
It hears you too.

Play off each other in harmony.
Just as both sides of a snake move together in unison.
Before I moved, as if, the world specifically wronged only me.
I had too, get even.
before I left.
Death was always right behind me.
Never left, the back of my mind.
Makes no sense.
In the past, I couldn’t have died.
I’m here today.
Just like the future, although.
Not as sadly, death is always on its way.

I can leave at any moment.
So I find myself holding on too tightly.
A belt, just needs to hold your pants up.
Leaving imprints around my waist.
Any space I have the privilege to occupy.
Don’t let them forget you where here.
Well forgotten everywhere.
Can’t always occupy space in people’s minds.
Everything has to go sometimes.

That being said. I can only float for a bit.
Sometimes I gotta think about other shit.

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