Truthfully Speaking The Truth Will Not Be Spoken

Walk around in a familiar space. Eyes wide shut, won’t open. Surround by everything, can barely tell the difference between anything. Situation hopeless. Even the ground doesn’t feel like it’s there anymore, given enough time. The fastest way to loose your mind, never hold it together. Allow the body to continually, purposely disagree with it. The split between who you are and how you see yourself. Isn’t getting any closer, hurry to jump to the other side. Full sprint, stop at the divide. Look inside. Same, nothingness that traps you. Miss the jump, fell inside. What series of events, fact patterns or personal decisions does one need too make. Only time to feel alive, when inside and outside hurts like we died. Arguments only, never a negotiation. Talk purely in extremes, this intensity will surely be felt. Tightly constricting belt. Same ones, some adults take off and beat kids with. No negotiations, surely this purely extreme feeling will be felt. Whatever it is, after this, positive you’ll never forget. Tiniest of pain hurts a lot, given enough time. Funniest thing about pain. How it spreads.

Don’t for get to like ! Especially if any line resonates.

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