Frame it For You

Really this is for me, I need you to get the message. As you already know, most people don’t care about you. Unless something is in it for themselves. Let’s sneakily take a mirror, put it in front of our face. Attract people’s attention with themselves. Ironically enough we like to talk to ourselves through other people. Deep inside we believe, we stand alone, on top. Without equal, the best at being you is you. Tell a vivid enough story around the gaps and we can still get the picture. You are the “Gap” and the vivid story is the frame you are viewed in. Frame the “self” by the potential value it brings someone else. Force to interact with each other vicariously. Swallow bad feelings, conversation is fleeting. Agree to a couple of things, the transaction will be won. At the end of the day if you didn’t get something tangible out of it. Duped, lover-struck or sprung. Make mistakes, have fun. All by yourself if need be. Until you find the one. Whom takes down obstacles instead of putting them up. Talks directly to you, finally dropping the mirror.

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