Endearing to dream reality

Not interested in what’s actually being said. Concerned with what was heard. “telephone effect ” the communication. Increase access to information for all, means a lack of clarity for all involved. Somewhere along the line, I didn’t get the message. Either I didn’t understand, didn’t get the entire message, worst yet. Blocked out portions that didn’t fit the narrative. Like pouring water into a basket, what flows out, shit we don’t want to take in. Left shallow at the bottom, just enough water for a response. A water fight begins. Back and forth between two or more sides, why transfer knowledge. Equipped with all the reason to attack instead. It’s only water, very unlikely to hurt you. One night.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes. The road going back permanently closed off. Our world, never to feel the same, one night. In a dream is all it took for me. Forced to interact with the world differently. Honestly more so the candy I eat, is a little less sweet. Back to the dream, a new experience in the sense that, it didn’t feel like a dream. It felt like an experience, one lives through. Imagine never going to sleep and walking through nature.

A place, with grass and trees
Where the, wind plays with the leaves
The grass continuously dances, as the birds
ask the worms, can I eat you please

You walk up to a rock with moss
Under the coolest tree
Worries non-existent
The rock is soft and the moss is clean

Chilling in the shade.
A squirrel passes by
Lagging behind, two smaller ones
Ohh a family of three

Take off your shoes
Love hate relationship
With the grass as
It tickles your feet.

Everything sweet. “Knock knock”, open your eyes. Wake up. You were sleep. A rush of conceit as we, jump out the sheets. At any give moment, this body is doing exactly what it wants. Water and blood, dream or reality. The lesser of two evils, without a doubt. This is mostly likely, more than likely, what I want to see.

Myself create a better reality.
Through a dream,
We have what it takes to build a “better world”.
Or so we would, like it to seem.
Where does one get off, acting,
knowing everything.
So much so,
When given the slightest chance,
Earnestly play “Creator”.

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