Vanity or Humanity Take Your Pick

What you need and what your environment needs you to provide. Quick game of hide and seek, show yourself only when found, other than that we don’t really need you. find your way around, however. Do it just like everyone else, don’t be clever. Hide in the same spaces. Either hide way too long or get found too fast, it’s an issue. People like it more or less predictable. More or less the same, game isn’t too real. What reason’s does one have, to feel heart broken on the way home. Focus on doing nothing differently, the environment was here before you.

Surely it won’t change for you. Find the paved way, day by day. What can we say, the choice is ultimately yours. Hide forever or hide, in plain sight with knowledge that those who don’t want to play, will be mad that you, causally do what they wish they could. Be themselves. Funny enough no one asked to be born themselves. Yet we give each other shit for it. Safe to say being yourself is a privilege, you take a lot of shit for. Continue being yourself. Shit. You’ll get a lot more.

When you fall in line, doing the opposite of what you really want. It, too, is a privilege. Connected to a larger community. Less scrutiny. Since we all think very similarly, the amount of things we have in common. Awkwardly close to abnormal.

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