Passive aggressive

The things that I do, to you. Clearly I do it, for you. My only way of assuring I’m not, only in it for me. Working hard to proudly claim, “we”. Do we ever find ourselves in situations not trying to hurt anther’s, feelings ? If I do this or say this or show them this. Right after, almost immediately they should be in pain. Unless your goal is to hurt that person, what reasons do you have to be so sure that, this next move is an attack. Yes honesty hurts, sometimes. The end goal is still just to relay, real information. Have impactful conversations, knowing your safety is constantly in rotation. Russian roulette.
If not, also fine. Spend your time not really saying much. Control someone else’s reaction to what you really feel. Trip them up with the word play. Know the deal. All this before they have a chance to actually feel, let alone respond to the feelings and words, sneakily revealed.

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