Conversations With Our Backs Turned

Surprisingly enough, every word was heard during the effective communication. Facing opposite directions, no mirror to see each other in the reflection. We move father apart, each step louder than the last. Only in the sense that, they cover up what you are saying. Muddle’s it, with a chord progression. The sounds I make, music to my ears while, yours, I barely hear. We all know what it feels likes, talking face to face. The neurons that fire in your brain when eye contact is made. knowing someone is listening, paying undivided attention. Unlike other forms of communications such as over the phone, text message or writing. Always found misunderstands form so easily. Without the body language or other puzzle pieces used to form the entire spectrum of human communication. Some meanings and messages go over our heads.

Without the smile to the voice, it’s easier for me to take this joke as an insult. The text message reads a bit hollow. If only I could hear the enthusiasm in your voice, I’ll be more incline to believe. Really just asking for much, My mind settles down, when it finally get what it needs. Tired of searching in the forest for a single tree. Personal experiences above all, how often do we even get to see each other. The world our rival, we move faster than it, never to slip or get caught up in anything for longer, lest our other priorities be neglected. Even when I don’t look busy, my mind is still infected, what should I be doing next.

A lot more comfortable, disengaging at a moments notice, the middle man at fault. I’ve been giving full attention and focus. Plus we are both busy, you know this ,talking only while our bathroom breaks, match up. Standing in the same room, can’t even see you walking away, to busying doing the same. Appreciate no matter how far we get, connected by the sound of the conversation. Literal background noise. Glad, easily picking you out from all the other noises and distractions. Message received like the lone tree found in the forest.

via Daily Prompt: Forest

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