A bit too quiet

Only funny after the fact. Therefore we laugh right after. Wouldn’t dare to turn this situation worst. In the air you can almost feel the thirst, for blood. In the background a scream too. Right now I feel like a child again. My brothers and I broke something important in the house. Mommy, just so happen to be close enough to hear it go down. Literally red handed, we are torn between fight or flight. Knowing either, helps fuel her fire. A fire itching to burn, even before she’s learned, what’s truly happened.

How do you explain the seconds in life that change everything. The entire time we played around with the center table in mind. If anything we did a little too much. Jumping over and under it. Water gun battle in the house, who cares about carpet really ?

Only a play fight, when the pain is imaginary. Mommy is sleeping, so make sure not to yell, too loud. Can’t watch tv, no choice but too, use creativity to play . The floor wasn’t lava an hour ago, it can sure as hell burn us now. Wow you actually sneezed and bumped into the center table. Domino effect, the pictures and the last memory of grandma torn by glass.

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