Rain and Wind Took out the Fire

The heat from the sun had nothing to do with this, fiery solely mines. I will not, not take credit. Walking around as the real gift to earth, my presence always had a effect on the surrounding. Unacknowledged I ran around with no one looking at me, I guessed my gift wasn’t special enough for attention. The heat turned up inside me, imagine melting the tension. It snowed for the entire day, taken care of by the morning, still unequipped to deal with the long-term snow storm. The time spent inside moping fuel for my fire, hours spent alone makes us want to burn brighter. Burned with the goal of disrespecting the sun in mind, not realizing how far it needs to keeps it’s distance, unwillingly ready to consume us all. Years spent in limbo, sun rays as communication, it wasn’t the conversation, finally getting through to me. A great time before, a line said, finally reaching where it needed to go. Deep inhales shake my core, oxygen forcefully taken out of me. Rain as tears taken in the same way. That being said, the fire in me had to go away. Wanting too, have at least control over myself, without the decency to, want to, realize I should start with myself. Deciding to control opinions, of me. In short, precised burst, lashing out against the same world I used to confine in, hiding, consumed by shadow. Being one step ahead of yourself, turns ill intention into intervention, finally we have a chance. You actually took a small break to come here, You’re without perfection, much more, then usually this hour of the day.

Calm and collected.  

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