A Surprise you Already Knew

via Daily Prompt: Astonish

As moments go by we loose sight of who we want to be, by staying ourselves.  Change is something I do to match everyone else. Providing a baseline form, of communicating our greatness is the only way, for it to be understood. Others just don’t know.

Ton of people will not only doubt you but, take up arms spreading rumors about you. I don’t remember the last time I was amazed by anything other then myself. Combating negativity left and right only barely effects me, Greatness throws my emotions into a frenzy. You are not better than me, don’t you dare believe that, taking the time and stooping to my level to explain it. Shameless how we both feel, something needs to be said.

Ish the front page cover, that is where my face needs too be. Shattered across the world, a sensation over night. I walk around the same neighbor, this time once insight, people drop my face, letting it fall to the ground with gravity’s might. We’ve come full circle. They stare at me, not who I think I need to be. No longer a surprise.

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