No Notable Different

Daily prompt notable

The difference between real and imaginary is almost non-existent. Like using your hand to separate water. We decide left is real and right is imaginary. Life always comes out of left field. Unable to control the predictably of it all. We lust for control, desperate to be right. To know every step of the way. I for one couldn’t fathom my reality being challenged. How could you try and take this from me. Reassurance that things are going to go the way I planned is the only way for me to get through the day. Prepared for life ups and down at my consent. Anything other than that was meet with hostility. Sadly things never go as planned, insult to injury things never go as you plan specifically. Hostile everywhere, even when things went accordingly. The thought of a disaster appeared 20 mins too early. Disaster in it’s self, expressed outwardly. The ones that help with the fruition, are the only ones left around to see it. The difference between agitation and fury un-notable. Unwillingness to change notable. Actually caring about them wasn’t scripted, we want to be right not real. I rather be fake than real.

Big difference

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