Repackaged Gift

via Daily Prompt: Cur

Sometimes we find ourselves unable to sleep. Reasons piling on the millions. How did this occur. During the times of unrest, the only way to escape the storm is to sail into the center. Everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe in destiny however, cause and effect is a undeniable factor of the world. My world. Back tracking through the flow of time, waves violently crashing. Life won’t let the journey be that simple. I toss and turn in discomfort, on a cloud of a bed. Eyelids crush each other closed. Time eludes us, hours passed since we last gave up trying to sleep and opened our eyes. Tomorrow will be here soon.
Yet still, my center feels so Strange. My being in turmoil and confusion. More time pass, finally the center of the storm, the cause of it all. Light, shining through and events line up in a sequence from tallest to shortest, height final visible. The same dirt I tossed into the world, orbited and landed back into my face. always During my lowest, during my most vulnerable. The light rips into my eyes, it’s morning already. Makes sense, rest isn’t deserved. Time to wash my face and prepare for more dirt to come.

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