How Do I Start

via Daily Prompt: Elaborate

I’m hesitant, to move forward with you. I hurt you to protect myself. You’ve shown me time and time again, that you aren’t here to hurt me. I’ve shown you, vulnerability makes me labile to attack. Like thin ice, under-pressure. You willing drown in my problems, knowing full well just how cold I can get. Leaving you to walk to the center of me, alone, I stayed at the shore, pretending to be looking away. Unable to take the risk of drowning together, while trying to discover ourselves. Unable to handle your resolve and determination. All you want to do is get closer. My facade cracks, into nothingness. Calmly, falling into the water. I realized you knew the whole time. What difference does it make if I dive right in after you, when, I wasn’t trying to be their with you in the first place. What difference does it make, if I just say “sorry” . I grab your hand and say “I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s just…” Let me stop right their. This is an apology to you. No need to Elaborate on my excuses. I only need to take your hand and stay by your side.

How do I start over

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