Insecure about my abilities


via Daily Prompt: Partake

Usually thrown into a fit of unnerve when partaking in something new. A rigid set of questioning, to find answers held by the future is how I find myself. When it comes to connecting with others, sharing a part of me with people, hoping to receive a part of them. This rigid method of demanding, to appease my own insecurities, always lights back up, like a birthday candle you can’t blow out. Never getting your wish. Landing right back where I started, unable to discard my methods, unable to accept the unknown. Violently screaming at the truth to reveal itself and face me.

When honestly, knowing your actions aren’t working, acknowledging the outcome and not registering it. Willingly stepping back into the cycle. How am I supposed to break the cycle ? How am I supposed to break myself and allow me, to rebuild ? Yet still here we are again, questioning and not accepting

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