My Robotic Self

Insta_RoboticMy Robot Self
Part 2

Paid Actor : Closest friend
Shawty: ” I ” Like her…. A lot. 
Stupid = “Not my interpretation” 

Paid Actor: ” If I’m following what you’re saying it’s almost like a movie…A character in a movie.”

” My interpretation ” 
“You create your life in a movie character like fashion ” 

That made me look at what I was doing from a different perspective. The movie analogy, plays in hand with the robotic personality. Treating my life-like a movie character, whereas, all of my actions are directly influenced by what I want, vice versa, How badly I want it. Since I robotic-ally,  re-wired myself to use everything, I have, it was perceived, to others, as feeling of wanting something really bad.  What lengths a character goes for want they want, and exactly what it is they are willing to act for. Shows & tells you a lot about their character. Their personality & vulnerability is on display.
Using every fiber of my being to do a large task. It seemed like, What I wanted, whatever it was. What I focused on doing. I wanted it really badly.

Shawty : ” Sometimes I, feel like you say things, just to say things”

“Conclusion, Yes for more reason than one. “

“One, since I, focus so much on the task. It sometimes comes across, as I’m only” thinking” not “Feeling”.  “

” I do feel, I’m actual very sensitive to information” 

“one point five, Since talking was the only form of communication I used, to both send & receive (Emotional) Information. The other four senses only received information.” 

“With all 5 senses as a conduit for sending information now. The second reason unravels” 

” Only my words expressed my feelings, to shawty, everything seemed shut off. She received no information from them. 

Movie Terms, I didn’t want it as bad as I said I did. Which scenario do, you get a stronger feeling of ” Wanting to turn off the light & go to sleep “.

I lay in bed, turn around a bit, look away from the lights, turn my head. Cover my eyes with the pillow. Fall asleep lightly for 45 mins. Finally, go over and turn off the light.

I grab my pillow, cover my eyes, head for the light switch, I hit my feet and something falls. It breaks. I still keep my eyes covered. I walk more and step on my cat. She screams.   ME: OMG Princesss !! Shittt !!
She scratches me, runs and knocks things over. Knocks over what sounds like water, I panic and turn my body in the direction. I don’t uncover my eyes. Light keeps me up. Lost my sense of direction, I knock my knee on the dresser & touch what feels like a roach on the wall, looking for the light switch. Still I’m not going to look into the light. Finally its off and I open my eyes a little and realize the back light, is still on ! Longer story short, the back light is off. Now I’m back where I started. Walking in the darkness to complete the task. Get in bed & sleep.

“The second story is how, I feel about getting closer to shawty”

“Due to me only “talking”, The first story is probably how, she thinks, I feel. 

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